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  1. Position & Location:

Customer Care Associate (Dispatching) | Washington, DC


  1. SUMMARY: 

Respondstoinquiriesreceivedviathe24hour EmergencyCommandCenter.Appliesanalyticaland evaluative methods and techniques to provide sufficient information to resolve substantive issues and problems.Compiles, reconciles, and correlates data from a variety of sources.Coordinates field crew activities forCustomer Services, Water Services, and Sewer Services in response to calls received from the general public.



Interacts with customers to discuss billing issues, establish payment terms, arrange for waters audits, coordinates field crew activities related to emergencies, inquiries, concerns,and other problemspertaining to water, sewer, and meter related issues.


*           Discussesthebill with thecustomer,reviewspaymentapplications,makesadjustmentsto bills,and establishespayment terms to avoid the disconnection of services.


*           Providesadvisoryservicesinrelationtopaymentissues.Reviewsthecustomer'stotalsituationinestablishingpayment plans, accepting request for investigations, and accepting payment for service restoration.


*           Preparesadjustmentsonaccountsandsubmitsforapproval.


*           ExhibitspositiveactioninrepresentingtheAuthorityinmakingfinaldeterminationonthecustomer'sinquiryorproblem.


*           ActsasAuthorityrepresentative at courtproceedings(and/oradministrative hearings)with DCWater'slegal representative both with external and internal attorneys providing required documentationto support water and sewer charges.


*           Coordinates field crew activities related to emergencies, inquiries, concerns, and other problems pertaining to water, sewer, meter, and hydrant related matters.Determines the responsibility of the repair and dispatches the concern to the necessary department, agencies,and/orpersonnel.Maintainslocationoffieldcrewsandcommunicateswiththemonaregularbasis viathetwo-waytoupdatethestatusofpendingfilesbasedonfieldactivitiesand providetechnicalassistanceto field crews as necessary.When necessary, generates and routes service order via Maximo and SOS Mobile.


*           Assistscrews with water shutoffs to isolate broken water mains.In cases where informationdoes not appear to be in conflict with current records, informs field crew of inconsistencies and advises probable field conditions they may encounter and other possible alternatives.


*           Provides remote assistance to field personnel related to the water and sewer infrastructure by reviewing and communicating information found in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), electronic maps, engineering drawings, and Electronic Customer Information Systems (ECIS).


*           Contactsotheragenciestorequestassistanceortoinformofexistingconditionsasreportedbyfieldcrews. 


*           Preparesvarious reports.Maintains records of "out of service" fire hydrants, leaking services, broken water mains out of service and defective valves.Maintains records and performs research activities regarding job status to generate reports, follow-up on action items, and responds to customer inquiries.


*           ComposesclearandconcisecorrespondencethatreflectstheAuthority'spositiononcomplexissuesandproblems.


*           Theincumbentisrequiredtoworkrotatingshifts.


*           Theincumbentissubjectto beingplacedoncallduring hoursandscheduleidentified bytheAuthority.


*           PerformsotherrelateddutiesandprojectsasassignedatthediscretionoftheSupervisor,CallCenter.


KeyWorkingRelationships:Interactswithco-workersthroughoutthedepartmentandtheAuthority,othergovernment agencies and private organizations, and with the general public.



The minimum qualifications listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and ability necessaryfor anindividual toperform each essentialfunctionsatisfactorily.Reasonableamountsoftrainingareprovided.


*           HighSchool diplomaorGeneralEducational Development (GED) certificate andthree (3) years ofprogressive experience in providing customer service in a billing/paymentoffice (preferably in an industrial environment).


*           Abilitytohandlecomplexproblemsandissuesindependently.


*           Substantiveknowledgeofanalyticalandevaluativemethodsandtechniques.


*           Excellentoralandwrittencommunicationskills.


*           Thorough knowledge ofdispatching functions preferable gained inarepair andmaintenance environment.Ability totransmit facts calmly and concisely over the radio, telephone, and other mobile systems.


*           Knowledge of automatic meter reading, inspections, maintenance and water cut-off and turn onpolicies and procedures. Knowledge ofleadservicereplacement policies andprocedures.Knowledge of obstructed sewer lateral procedures.Working knowledge of public space regulations.


*           Knowledgeofterminologyassociatedwiththeplumbingtrade.


*           Mustbeadaptabletoworkingin afast-pacedenvironment.


*           Must possess strong computer skills.Skills inutilizing personal computer and maintaining sufficient knowledge of application software programs (i.e. GIS, Information Websites, word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, and other agency systems).



Theworkenvironmentcharacteristics describedhere arerepresentative ofthoseanemployeeencounterswhileperformingtheessential functionsof this job.Reasonableaccommodationsmay bemadetoenableindividualswithdisabilitiestoperformtheessential functions.


*           Generalofficeconditions



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